Jay Chiu is our founder and Managing Director. As a leading builder of interior spaces, specialising in interior fit-out works and the manufacturing of customised premium furniture for the global market, Grandwork Interior Pte Ltd has leveraged on Jay’s vision, foresight, acumen and passion to grow from a small renovation firm in 1984 to a brand recognised for its innovative designs, quality workmanship and proven track record in Singapore and the region.

Jay is passionate about transforming the aspirations of his customers into works of beauty and functionality. Dedicated and meticulous, his commitment to quality, reliability and service excellence has enabled Grandwork to retain and grow its pool of satisfied customers over the years, creating strong repeat demand for its innovative services.

A firm believer in the capabilities and talent of his people, Jay advocates the building of strong working relationships and esprit de corp in order to enhance every customer’s experience with the Company.

A champion of innovation, Jay motivates his team to constantly seek inspiration in improving and enhancing product and service offerings. Under his leadership, the Company endeavours to explore new business opportunities such as offering environmentally-friendly products to customers – a growth strategy that sets Grandwork apart from its contemporaries in its highly competitive and dynamic industry.